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Knights of Britain
Battlefield 2 Squad Site - We are Now recruiting, Join us in Teamspeak or our BF2 Server


Mystic Fusion Rates: 200/200/200/200, Small community, a little hardcore server, lots of NPCs, and added customs gears and cards, Fun events waiting for you, come and join us now !!


-|WB|- : Wizards Of The Battlefield
a fast growing dutch(any persons that speak dutch are welcome) battlefield 2 clan ,we are recruiting click our link and check us out!


Mug1 Server 0.99d dark lord exp 25x


FaRClan Farclan is a new clan that needs more loyal members, anyone is accepted as long as they follow the rules posted on the site. Farclan not only offers an Age Of Empires fan site, but also a computer fansite, overall gaming fansite, and much Much more!


UO Gaming Network UO Gaming is the industry standard for Ultima Online game-play. We can hold over 5000 players at once. Join most professional Ultima Online shard in existence today!

7 The Worlds Largest Online Gaming Directory!!!


LostPowerMu LostPowerMu exp 212 drop 80%


Gindis-Army Comendor You control the army of your country and get more moeny, better army, and become the strongest country in the world!!!


THE_GOD Mu Server Go - Link version: 0.97 Please Download main.exe Exp:255 This server is gooD


L8N8 BF2 SQUAD L8N8 Squad - hosting BF2 squads and statistics. Features: create and manage your squad, quick compare, scoreboard, statistics graph, search player, detailed overall-stats (german content)


Formitron - BF2 Stats Stats, Top Players, Forums, have fun


C-PF | Chemnitzer Paintball Freunde | C-PF COD & B C-PF | ist eine CODUO & BF2 Clan Site aus CHEMNITZ!!!


ALIANÇA-"Calíope e Paradox" L2[C3/C4] Caliope[Bartz](Rates: 5x10x10x5x10x, voltado Para RP{102%}) - Paradox[SiegHardt](Rates: 5x10x15x5x10x, 100% Regras e Afins do Oficial, SEM RP {100% L2}), STAFF 100% Ativa, Fórum de debates, Link’s exclusivos e Pesquisas sobre L2 no site.


The Insane Army Gaming Community


FantasyRO FantasyRO servidor privado / Rates : 500/500/50 - New Wing - Alphawing - novicewing - omegademon / Torneo PVP / NPC / Banquero / Proximamente DragonRider

17 We are a Battlefield 2 and 2142 clan for mature 25+ gamers. The Clan [FTF] playstyle thrives on strategy and tactics designed to confuse and overtake the enemy, exposing their weaknesses and capitalizing on their fears.


Elwyn Ragnarok Online Servidor Hispano High Rates:3k/3k/100%


Armed Response A new BF2 / BF1942 clan, all ages and experience....


Mu SaVa Version: 97d +99 items Exp & Drops: 100x & 70% Reset at level: 350 Mobs HP: 75% Bless Bug: ON The best server... Not very hard not very easy.... Good people play this sever.... Good admin :vovic .Join us and enjoy this server!!


Elite men with Guns 24/7 Office/Dust2 Elite men with Guns Cal-O team


Aim-RO Server total mente en español i unos rates de 1k/1k/80% i

23 Deenly is a game for you, your friends, and your enemies! How will you choose to use your power? Will you explore the galaxy or fight other Deenly Members? Will you join and army or choose to fight it solo? You shape your own future in this exciting multiplayer game!


Army Commander Army Commander is strategic web game that includes: New technologies, The U.N. ,War Room, Spies,World weapons and more...


Battlefield: Apocalypse A BF2 Full Conversion. It is set around the year 2056, approximately 50 years after the demise of civilization by a worldwide nuclear holocaust. Everyone now fights for food, water, gas, and survival. Welcome to the Apocalypse!


BF2A BattleField 2 Resoures of Screen Shots, Downloads, Game Features, Videos, Stats and so much more out of your mind!


Completed C4 server with striders and flying drago Completed C4 server with striders and flying dragons plus dual dragon slayers and dual daggers in gmshop rates are 5000x6000x80x6000x and sub classes are working to


Dutch Battlefield Division We're an international Clan with over 30 members and always looking after a good war and new members, so just check out our website!


Fantastic Wars Buy Warriors, orcs, sorcerers, ciclops, dragons, buy castles, etc and fight vs others towns ...


Ruhrpott Alpha Squad Der etwas andere Battlefield 2 Fun Clan. Wir suchen in erster Linie ältere Member, der Skill steht dabei nicht im Vordergrund. Eigener ranked Server, TS und Forum sind vorhanden.


The United States First Special Forces Group Airbo Welcome to the United States First Special Forces Group (airborne). We are an online gaming community dedicated to combat-based PC gaming, primarily involved with—but not limited to--EA Game\'s Battlefield 2 franchise.


Oasis-mu New mu-online server with good rates and hellpfull GM's


jojma jojmasnds asfjosfasoghjas




BAT.Squad - Battle Armed Response Team We are a Multi-Gaming Cross Platform Community. Focused on BF2 amoung others. Our members are friendly helpfull and fun to hang about with. Even if your not looking for a clan, just somewhere to chill, please by all means make your self at home.


The Federation of Bounty Hunters FBH is made up of many players with many skill levels. We focus on raising skill levels, or perfecting them, and otherwise just being people to play with when you want. We have a ranked and unranked server and play serveral games but the BF2 branch is growing rapidly.


Gaming forum Gaming forum ! game disgussions, join the comunity now


VampiresWaR Good Lineage 2 C4 server Rates 7000 7000 100(EXP SP DROP) Custom GM shop PUSS THE CAT; SIEGES!


battlefield2 IGB clan Battlefield 2 site with info about the game, also a clan and a stunt clan. It's a dutch site, good forum and a lot of forumtopics.


eternal kingdoms its a relly cool game about building your castel and fighting others and theres prizes awarded at the end of the month


Mu Max Mu_Max Servidor Brasileiro____EXP:1500 / DROP:50% _____RR lvl:400_(1000 PTS por RR)___GMs ativos__BB:ON___server 24/7(24Horas)


Agents of Chaos we play for fun, but are possibly looking to gain more than enough members to sign up for a league of some kind..


Number 1 Game Cheats A list of games cheats programs


Lords Of Fate We are the ones who decide peoples fate, also we are looking for a bunch of recruits, we need them, and sense im not able to play the game in a while it makes things more difficult so i would like pple to register on my forums and ill recruit fromt here and also im on the list twice so ignore that


RO Melody Rates: 40/40/40, special unique mini games and pet system, Ultimate class system, lag free, Rad GMs, no need for Kro or Ksak, and much more!


The Front Line - RPG This is a forum based RPG set in the near future as World War III slowly engulfs the world! Pick a side, make a character, change history!


GoodGameMu ||Rates 1000k|| ||version 97J|| |bb on|| Admins and GM's are friendly and helpfull.Shop items: Good Armors Wings+12+luck most scrolls and orbs, etc Outo reset at level 350. Events, guild wars, and more.This server is not only for israel players, all players from the word can try this good israel se


Markas BF Page Come Look such a great page about BF :D


PR/Mod team Dedicated COOP/Multi-Player Mod. Stock BF2, SF and Euro Expansion pack have all been added to this mod using our own custom COOP MODE. We have adjusted all weapons, kits and vehicles to make the online COOP play more fun and exciting. We have also boosted AI dramatically. Its the best COOP mod out!


Area 52 L2C4 Server Deutsche L2 Community, Stabiler Server, Server C4, Rates 7/8/7/8, Pet XP Rate 5, join now :)

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